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On February 2, 2011 we finally got the call that there was a viable kidney offer for Rory. After a very long day of tests and waiting, he went into surgery around 6:00 that evening. Everything went perfectly and he is currently in the “home bound” phase of his recovery…which basically means he cannot be anywhere but our house, our car and the hospital. He has had infections twice that have required IV antibiotics and hospitalization; but that is largely to be expected for a kid who has both a permanent catheter and a suppressed immune system.  You can view an album of photos from the day of his transplant below, but for now, please know that he is no longer on dialysis and is recovering beautifully, all things considered.


Rory’s Scrapbook

Photos from Rory’s Wish Trip
aboard the 2008 Nickelodeon Cruise
Rory is very active in his Cub Scout Pack and aspires to be an Eagle Scout someday.
Rory and his family know how to have fun together! 
But life isn’t all fun and games when you’re a Kidney Kid…